Book-Off Pilgrim

There are few stronger faiths than in book-off stores
And trust me when I say, I’m devout
I’m taking the Book-Off pilgrimage
Because every store’s amazing, I’ve no doubt


It’s so cheap you know and they have everything
CDs and film, even comics too
(And yes I ‘still’ buy music CDs)
Everyday I come by, and get something new


Village, suburbs or city, I’ll find it
With so much to buy, so much to take
You can’t know just how much I love it
I wrote a poem about it, for God’s sake


But the months pressed on and funding became tight
Bargains took their toll, leaving me poor
Nothing for food, nor C.C. Lemon
But among my books, hunger I could ignore


I was starving and one yen coins were precious
For pilgrims what charities are there?
Look to the poor and hungry Poncho
The great self proclaimed King of Book-Off laid bare

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