Message In A Screen

Working in Japanese schools brings an entirely new set of cultural norms to get familiar with. They’re far more alike to schools in the U.S than the U.K, but even when you get past the fact that kids ‘graduate’ at fifteen (because kids work so gosh-darn-hard for it at that age. Apologies to the five percent….

A New Blog

If you read this blog at all, you might have noticed that most of the images I use are film screenshots. The big mystery behind this that I happen to like films. A lot. I grew up watching one almost every day, and had endless talks with my family over them. I was the only…

Plushies and Dragons

I like travelling, and there’s still plenty of the world left for me to see. Distant lands and the ever reaching horizon are out of sight but never entirely out of mind. There’s a rush to it; of planting your feet on unfamiliar soil, amongst unfamiliar faces. I’ve been eating and drinking since I was…

A Trip With A Devil

There are few monsters left to face in the world today. There are no more uncharted seas, or overlooked islands. The serpent of Loch Ness has been rendered cute, Wales has made plashes of its dragon, and all the horrors of ogres, trolls and goblins now firmly reside between the pages of children’s picture books….